What advantages do LED light sources have in lighting


As a new generation of light source, LED light source is very different from incandescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and other traditional thermal radiation and gas discharge light source. The current LED light source has the following advantages in lighting:

LED light sources

(1) Small volume

Compared with the traditional light source, LED light source is small in size and light in weight. It can be made into devices of various shapes, facilitating the arrangement and design of various lights and equipment. It has strong adaptability and wide application range.

(2) Good environmental performance

Because there is no need to add metal mercury in the production process of LED light source, the LED will not cause mercury pollution when it is discarded, and the waste can be almost all recycled, which not only saves resources, but also protects the environment.

(3) Security and stability

LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current. Generally, the power supply voltage is between 6~24V, so the safety performance is relatively good, especially suitable for public places.In addition, under the condition of better external environment, LED light source has less light decay and longer service life than traditional light source. Even if the LED light source is switched frequently, its service life will not be affected.

(4) Good earthquake resistance and impact resistance

The basic structure of the LED light source is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a shelf with a lead wire, and then sealed around with epoxy resin. There is no glass enclosure in the structure, and there is no need to vacuum or inject specific gases into the tube, like incandescent or fluorescent lamps.Therefore, LED light source has good anti-seismic and anti-impact performance, which brings convenience to its production, transportation and use.

(5) Strong directivity

Compared with the traditional light source, the light from LED light source is directional. Most of the light from LED can directly shoot at the illuminated surface, and the utilization rate is much higher than the traditional light source.

(6) Fast response time

The response time of incandescent light is millisecond, while the response time of LED light is nanosecond. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of traffic signal and car signal lamp.

(7) High luminous efficiency

With the development of LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of LED light source has been raised from less than 10lm/W to more than 100LM /W, and its luminous efficiency still has great potential to improve.

(8) Rich light and color

LED light source by changing the current, chemical modification, monochromatic light mix and other methods, can achieve the visible band of various colors of light and color, even for white light LED can also be made into a variety of color temperature light source.Therefore, it has obvious advantages in interior decoration lighting and landscape lighting.

(9) No flicker, no ULTRAVIOLET light

LED light source is dc power supply, luminous stability does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible region, basically no interference of ultraviolet or infrared radiation, so as to avoid the adverse impact of stroboscopic effect, improve the comfort of human eyes.

(10) Good brightness adjustability

According to the principle of LED light source, LED light brightness or output light flux basically changes positively with the current.And its working current can be large or small within the rated range, with good tunability, for LED light source to achieve on-demand lighting, brightness control laid the foundation.

It is precisely because of the LED point light source has more advantages than the traditional light source, so LED light source has become the focus and direction of lighting development in various countries.

LED light sources

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