How to solve the problem of indoor stadium lighting adjustment LED motion lighting?


Sports venues can create a richer and more attractive atmosphere by changing the color of their lighting. This practice is called color temperature regulation.Although the floor is illuminated with red, blue, or green light (also known as RGB conditioning), indoor sports venues usually employ a more subtle application, lighting the field with white light to best showcase the game.Changing the color of the white light in space is called a white balance.

White light comes in many different tones and is measured in K.The lower the K value, the warmer and yellower the white light tone.For example, the light from an incandescent bulb has a color temperature of 2,800 kelvin.A higher color temperature indicates that white light has a cooler, bluish hue.It is generally considered that 5600K is the daylight color temperature at noon.

For multi-purpose indoor venues, the color temperature of white light is an important consideration because different sports look better in different white light.The wood tone of the basketball court and the players' exposed skin are more active under the warm white-toned lighting (around 4000K).However, hockey ice is dull and dirty under 4, 000 k of light, but crisp and clean under 5, 600 k of light.

So, for stadiums hosting multiple events, achieving multicolor white light with a single lighting system is a challenge.

White dimming challenge for indoor areas Most light sources and lamps emit a white light under the target light.In the past, two different lighting systems were needed to light up the arena, creating optimal conditions for basketball and hockey while keeping the lighting level at the playing field.This is usually done through a metal halide system with a color temperature of about 5000K and a high pressure sodium lamp lighting system in the range of 2600k-2800k.

The two lighting systems must be used in harmony to obtain the desired light color on the court.For hockey games, only 5000K metal halide lamps can be used to illuminate the ice, generating the coolest color temperature the system can provide, but still not up to the optimum 5600K.To improve the color temperature of basketball games, some metal halide lamps are used in combination with high-pressure sodium systems.The combination of 5000K and 2700K lights will create a lighting color temperature on the court and fall somewhere in the range.This imprecise and imperfect two-system approach has always been the only way for the arena to achieve white balance.

New LED motion lighting solution

Advances in LED materials, design and control allow LED lamps to emit white light of different hues.These color-modulated LED motion lighting fixtures combine two LED light sources with different color temperatures (3500K and 6500K) and then adjust the power of the diodes into different colors to produce the exact color temperature.The multi-purpose arena can now display hockey in a 5600K environment and basketball in a 4000K environment while maintaining optimum lighting levels on the playing field.All of this can be achieved with an energy-efficient white LED motion lighting system.

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