Cooperations between Vuereal and Veeco


VueReal won more than 66 million financing, cooperative development and Veeco MicroLED

Micro - LED display key technology developers VueReal Inc., announced that the company has completed A preliminary $10.5 million (about 66.43 million), equivalent to A round of financing, the financing by A large Asian company's venture capital company and A leading north American suppliers LED. VueReal will use the money to expand its team and advanced Micro devices, development and characteristics of research center to speed up the development of Micro - LED technology. Due to the high attention main industry partners, VueReal now is trying to finish A round of the follow-up work.

Display technology innovators have been focused on the next big technological change - Micro - LED. Industry analysts are optimistic about the future prospects, predicts that by 2025 the Micro LED display market is expected to reach 330 million units. The optimistic forecast based on Micro - LED technology good development prospects, Micro - LED is regarded as key factors to realize display products.However, the development of this kind of display by the high cost of materials, Micro LED huge amount transfer technology of low yield and yield.

"Inspired by the confidence of investors, VueReal is committed to promoting high performance, low power consumption of the Micro - LED display, and smart phones and other technologies used in the large and medium-sized display applications have cost competitiveness," VueReal chief executive and founder of Reza, said Dr Chaji "cost greatly reduced thanks to VueReal proprietary under 10 microns efficient Micro - LEDs and huge amounts of patentability transfer process."

Moreover, VueReal said, the company is working with technology enabler, including extension and leading innovator of semiconductor equipment Veeco Instruments Inc.,.VueReal with Veeco industry partners to jointly develop the key technology and proprietary technology, has solved the related Micro - LEDs made many problems at present, in order to realize the future according to the application. "In terms of technology, we are looking forward to continue to use Veeco technical cooperation development work, for the Micro - along with technical breakthroughs LED display industry," Dr Chaji added.

"Veeco has proved its technical advantages, especially in the development of high quality RGB denotation to meet Miicro - LED device efficiency, uniformity and yield requirements", Veeco's chief technology officer Ajit Paranjpe, says Dr "Veeco continue to cope with the severe technical challenges and VueReal developer cooperation such as developing new technology. We are glad that our cooperation will accelerate the application of Micro - LED display."

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