Can conventional LED line lamps be installed under the ground for long-term use?


Question: Can conventional LED line lamps be installed under the ground for long-term use?

Answer: No, the structural design of LED line light is not suitable for ground installation.The reason it cannot be installed on the ground is on the one hand the load-bearing problem, on the other hand the waterproof design does not match.

First of all, let's talk about the load-bearing problem. The shell material of LED buried lamp is die-cast aluminum, thick and pressure-resistant, and the surface cover is toughened glass, which can withstand the weight and pressure of adults and even cars.In the design of LED line lamps, the main function of glass cover is dust prevention, not a concept.Another main reason is that the waterproof design does not match the ground application. The waterproof level of the buried lamp should reach IP68, which means that it can still maintain the good performance of the product in a long-term humid environment.The waterproof grade of line lamp is IP65, which is suitable for outdoor weather, not for surface and underwater operation.

To sum up, LED line lamps are not suitable for ground installation. You need to consider what is the motivation for installing LED line lamps on the ground?If its shape is suitable, it can be used to make lighting lamps by selecting linear buried lamps. It has the slim figure of LED line lamps and the practical performance of LED buried lamps, which can meet your appearance requirements and meet your project standards. It can kill two birds with one stone.

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