Arises at the historic moment -- ultraviolet ray sterilizes the lamp


Now, novel coronavirus is rampant.How to prevent novel coronavirus has become a hot topic.Therefore, our factory developed an ultraviolet sterilization lamp for preventing novel coronavirus.It can sterilize and prevent novel


Ultraviolet sterilization lamp belongs to a low-pressure mercury lamp.Low-pressure mercury lamps use low-pressure mercury vapor (< 10-2pa) to be intensified to emit ultraviolet light.The other is at 185nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye.

Sterilization lamp do not need to be converted to visible light, the wavelength of 253.7 nm can have very good sterilization effect, this is because the cells of light absorption lines there is a rule, in 250 ~ 270 nm uv absorption, the largest absorbed the ultraviolet ray in fact function in cell genetic material or DNA, it plays a allochromatic, ultraviolet photons energy absorbed by the base pairs of DNA, cause mutation genetic material, make the bacteria died or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Principle of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection:

It can destroy the molecular structure of DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA(ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microbial body by using the ultraviolet ray of appropriate wavelength, causing the death of growing cells and (or) the death of regenerative cells, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.Through the experiment, the effective wavelength range of ultraviolet sterilization can be divided into four different bands: UVA (400 ~ 315nm), UVB (315 ~ 280nm), UVC (280 ~ 200nm) and vacuum ultraviolet (200 ~ 100nm).

Matters need attention:

Because ultraviolet ray can penetrate a cell to make its death, when this USES ultraviolet ray disinfection, want to notice cannot direct illuminate the skin of the person, especially the person's eye, when ultraviolet ray sterilizes a lamp to light, do not look directly at lamp tube, because short wave ultraviolet ray does not pass through common glass, wear glasses to be able to avoid an eye to get hurt.If not narrow-minded injury, the general situation is not affected, like sunburn, serious eye drops or human breast, to help recover.In someone's occasion, do not use lamp tube that has ozone, when ozone concentration is high, can make a person toxic.

ultraviolet ray sterilizes the lamp

Scope of application:

Ultraviolet disinfect disinfect use is very wide, hospital, school, nursery, cinema, bus, office, family, it can purify air, eliminate musty smell, still can produce the negative oxygen ion of certain amount in addition, the room that passes ultraviolet ray disinfection, air is special and pure and fresh.In public places, through ultraviolet disinfection, can avoid some germs by air or by the object surface transmission.

Nowadays virus is rampant situation, antiseptic lamp can be said to be a necessary article.With it, everyone is at ease.

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