• 7 Mistakes That Can Cause LED Driver Failures

    LED lighting industry has been booming for several years and it is well recognized that LED driver is the key component of LED lights. Usually the quality and right application of LED driver determines the reliability and life of the whole light fixture. So it is very important to make sure that fixture designers are fully aware of the possible failures caused by improper usage of LED drivers. Today we listed several possible reasons as below. 1. Not considering the higher Vf during the lamp cold start. The maximum output voltage of LED driver needs to be higher than Vfmax*N (N is the LED chip number in series). So please pay attention to the Vf max rather than Vf typ when choosing the drivers. And normally the drivers have 5%-10% output voltage margin from Vomax to the no load protection voltage to make sure of the cold start. 2. Not checking the derating curve provided in the driver datasheet. Normally LED manufacturers provide both Ta and Tc information in either product label or datasheets. If the driver is fully attached to heatsink, Tc is the key parameter worth paying attention to. Tc has to be less than the maximum rating to make sure of the right driver output without triggering the over temperature protection. And if the driver is independent and discrete from the light fixture, paying attention to the operation ambient temperature is normally enough and this is easier than monitoring the Tc. Also, the input voltage affects the derating curve because of the higher input current in the low input condition. 3. Improper startup which usually occurs in the lab. Normally the 90-305Vac driver is able to work in lower input voltage down to even 70Vac, but the thermal performance will be very poor thus triggering the over temperature protection or under voltage lock out. So it is suggested starting the driver after the input voltage is fully setup, rather than gradually increasing the input from low voltage. 4. Input Over Voltage. Need to make sure that the input voltage does not exceed the maximum rating, which normally 305Vac or 528Vac. We once had a failure caused by the improper startup in the real tunnel light application where the power was from the generator, and the operators turned on the generator after wiring all the lights directly to the generator, then all the 1000pcs of drivers were destroyed by the strong overshoot of the generator. While the right method should be: turn on the generator first, and then connect the lights to the power though a switch. 5. Connection. The wiring of L/N/G, output and dimming cables should be correct, and normally the input cable is brown, blue and green (green/white) for VDE cables and black, white and green for UL cables. Most of the dimming cables are violet/purple and grey. Carefully checking the label can avoid the problem. 6. Dimming problems. 0-10V dimmer usually output 1V as min and 9V as max when the source current from the driver Vdim+ is proper. If the dimmer can not reach 9V, t...


  • LED Filament Lamp and Spotlight Series Introduction

    LED Filament Lamp and spotlight Series Introduction CX LED Filament lamp, light-emitting filament to achieve 360 ° Angle, wide Angle light and does not need to add a lens, realize stereo illuminate, brought unprecedented lighting experience If you would like further information on the filament bulbs we stock, please do not hesitate to get in touch. LED CANDLES SERIES If you are seeking the vintage look then the decorative candle light bulb may suit best for you. At CX Lamps we stock many different candle bulbs with various fittings and styles available. These are mainly used in wall lights, desk and table lamps. If you would like further information on the range of candle bulbs we stock, please do not hesitate to get in touch. LED GLOBE SERIES Used for more luxurious decorative light fittings the globe bulb is a similar style and shape to the gold ball bulb but on a large scale. This means they are usually not suitable for small lamp and wall fittings and are commonly found in large areas and in public areas such as restaurants. If you would like further information on the range of globe bulbs we stock, please do not hesitate to get in touch. GU10 SPOTS SERIES The popularity of the spotlight has increased dramatically over the years. Their versatility and easy replacement means they can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and living rooms, with fittings hidden in the ceiling. If you would like further information on the spotlights we stock, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  • How do LED filament work?

    What are LED Filament Bulbs? Filament LED bulbs usually looks like a traditional glass light bulbs. The yellow strip that provides the light, was created to look like the filament of an incandescent light bulb, hence the term LED filament bulb. The original LED filament bulb was intended to mimic the appearance of the original Edison light bulb, you can see in the image how the two compare. How Do LED Filament Bulbs Work? The LED filament is composed of a metal strip with series of LEDs aligned along it. A transparent substrate, usually made from glass or sapphire materials is used to cover the LED’s. This transparency allows the emitted light to disperse evenly and uniformly without any interference or light loss. The LED’s on the filament strip actually emit a blue coloured light so an even coating of phosphor in a silicone resin binder material is placed over the glass to convert the blue light generated by the LEDs into a more preferable colour. Different phosphor colours can be used to change the colour of the light. For example, the more yellow the phosphor, the more yellow and warm the light becomes. This is how the the different colour temperatures are created. The major benefit of this design is the ease with which near full ‘global’ illumination can be obtained from arrays of filaments. Another positive benefit is better heat dissipation over traditional designs, due to the LED’s being more spread out, rather than densely concentrated. This in turn can lead to increased lifespan. Main Features of Chenxin Filament Range. 360 Degree Beam Angle: The clear glass cover and long LED filament make it possible for this bulb to provide a wide 360 coverage of warm light. Matching Dimensions: The LED filament bulbs are designed to the same dimensions as traditional filament bulb, so replacing they couldn’t be easier! LED Efficiency: They may look like retro style filament bulbs but they are packed with the latest LED technology and offer more than 100lm per Watt in energy efficiency. Standard and Dimmable: Our standard filament range are all flicker free and we also supply select lines in fully dimmable versions so you can turn the brightness down and turn the atmosphere up! Style and Shapes: the new filament range comes in a wide range of shapes and fittings, so you can find the style that’s right for you. Bulbs are available in: Candle, candle with tail, Large G95 Globe shapes.


  • Our new product - LED Mosquito Killer lamp

    Our new product - LED Mosquito Killer lamp Recently, our company has released a new product called LED Mosquito Killer lamp, which widely applied to indoor lighting, solving the problem that bothered by Mosquito for a long time, creating a more comfortable and green living environment for people. Features: 1.Compact, safety, and easy to use. 2.Mute for the operation, do not affect normal sleep. 3.Totally insulated, no exposed metal or conductive parts. 4.Long life and low power consumption, energy saving. 5.Novel and unique design, with the characteristics of modern lighting. Specifications: Voltage: 170-240V Protection level: IP68 Service life: 30000H Body material: PC with Aluminum Installation interface: E27 Power: 12W Light color: warm light Appearance color: white Appearance size: 65*130MM


  • The R&D Team of CX lighting is developing a Smart Wifi Bulb

    The R&D Team of CX lighting is developing a Smart Wifi Bulb Recently, our R&D team is developing a new product called smart wifi bulb, different from previous products, after three-month hard work, it was born on July 4th. This smart bulb with remote control can be connected to mobile phone, adjusting lighting color and turning on or off it if you need. Specification: 1. Input Voltage: AC100-265V 2. Power: 7W 3. Color: * RGB  *RGB+W  *RGB+C  *RGB+CW 4. Wireless Type: 2.4GHz 5. Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 6. Lamp Holder: B22 E26 E27 7. Size: 60*120MM 8. Finish Color: Noble silver 9. Life Time:≥25000Hours Features: 1. Controlled by Wifi 2. Infinite range remote control 3. 16 million color 4. Time,time delay switch 5. DIY Models 6. Perfect link ECHO 7. Separate control or group control 8. Permanent memory function Instructions: 1. Scan the QR code above to download the APP 2. Power on the device and turn it on and off 6 times continuously 3. Connect mobile to the WIFI “super-xxx” 4. Open the APP, click Add Device 5. Enter WIFI name and password 6. The device enters the configuration, wait 3-5 minutes 7. Configuration complete and rename the device 8. Successfully added devices will be shown in the list


  • LED downlights are practical and economical

    LED downlight is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the light of the lighting type lighting. LED downlight is a directional lighting, only its opposite surface can be received, the beam angle is focused, the light is more concentrated, bright and dark contrast. LED Downlights More prominent by the object, high luminosity, but also bring out a quiet atmosphere of the environment. LED Downlight Applicable to all places: In recent years, more and more offices and even families have used LED downlight lighting. Because the LED downlight used in the applicability of indoor lighting more and more people know, more and more people are welcome. LED downlight with some other lamps can not match or even other LED lamps can not match the applicability of indoor lighting LED downlight does not occupy the interior space, in the indoor installation of LED downlight, because the light of the confidentiality, will not use the feeling of oppression, LED Downlights on the contrary will produce a warm effect. Therefore, home improvement can choose to install more light downlight, reduce the sense of space pressure. And generally in the hotel, family, cafe, shopping arcot LED downlight use more. Downlights are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, easy to install for people's favorite. LED downlight inherited the advantages of all the traditional downlight, the heat is small, long life, maintenance costs are minimal. Early LED downlight due to the expensive LED lamp beads, LED Downlights the overall cost is not high for customers to accept. With the LED downlight chip prices and cooling technology to improve the LED downlight into the commercial field has laid a solid foundation. Use LED downlight to make home improvement more beautiful. LED Downlights to help maintain the overall unity of the interior and perfect, do not destroy the chandelier and other lighting settings, light hidden in the interior decoration, not exposed, no glare, LED light source gives the visual effect is more gentle and uniform. LED lamp longevity: LED lamp life of 50,000 hours, six hours a day, is 20 years of life. This can reduce the purchase of lamps for a considerable amount of cost.


  • Celebrate the success of 24th Guangzhou international lighting exhibition

    Guangzhou international lighting exhibition- the trade show, the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia.It is time to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the fair, held from 9 – 12 June 2019 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. It is must-attend pivotal event for lighting industry experts and for the occasion it occupies 21 halls and span 225,000 sqm of exhibition space. As one of the exhibitor, Anhui Chenxin lighting Electrical Appliance Co took part in the fair actively, achieving great success. Our product displayed at booth includes LED globe bulb, LED filament lamp, LED T8 tube, LED panel light, LED floodlight and so on.There were many customers all over the world, such as India, Australia,Canada and so on, giving highly praise of our product. The fair featured a complete range of product presentations and forumed to encourage the exchange of lighting designs and cutting-edge lighting technologies. These informational sessions facilitated industry convergence and networking for lighting businesses, making the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition an ideal platform to inspire and be inspired by others.


  • Release of new design product- LED T8 tube light

    As a leading manufacturer and suppliers of T8 LED tube lights in China, Anhui Chenxin Lighting has been making sustainable and energy efficient T8 LED tube lights over two decades. LED tube lights are designed to replace traditional T8 fluorescent tubes both technically and economically.The actual lifetime of our LED T8 tube is over 50,000 hours. To make sure on this, we apply patented heat sinking design with quality optical components, branded LED chips SMD 2835 and best quality LED drivers such double drivers up to 40W. The most attractive characteristic of this new design LED tube light is equipped with colorful caps, High luminous efficiency, High CRI, Consistent color, Wide beam angle, High Power Factor, Easy mounting, working with or without electronic ballast or starter, lamp holder rotatable and instant start without flickering. Our LED tubes are compliant with CE, RoHS, TUV, SAA, UL certificate standard with up to 3 years warranty. This tube lights have been widely used in general and commercial lighting for homes, offices, hotels, warehouses, factories, parking lots, shopping malls and so on. 1.Quality First We stand behind our products! Always use branded LEDs and Drivers. Strict Quality Control from raw materials incoming Inspection all the way to finished products. 2. Professional & Innovative Always chasing after eco-friendly LED products to replace traditional lamps at much cheaper cost. Continuously innovation of new design and solution. 3.Good Price & After-sale We supply quality LED light with reasonable and competitive price to enable our partners to win. Lifelong free technical support. Excellent after-sale service. Installation of one Side Power in Tube T8: Installation of Both Sides Power in Tube T8:


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